Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekly treats 1

Hello poppits ,
here are some lovelies from my travels around the web this week.
these two little owls made a grand pair and would look spiffy pined to anything.

i would love to have a little rest  on a pillow as sweet as this one 

how sweet is this little bear badge ?

How amazinly spiffy are these tattoo  men cards ? and guess what you get to tattoo them your self !

i'm in deep deep love with this owl purse ....

these arrows are pretty darn tooting cute ... i'm pretty sure they'll be making there way into my house sometime soon.

my oh my how sweet is this  little robin  print .

hand printed fabric is rocking my socks at the moment 

oh Betsy dress i love you so much 

monkey love will make any smackrel even more enjoyable knowing that these two are watching over you

One grate D.I.Y of twig bracelets 

and lastly this sweet lion will keep all your coins safe without eating them all up :)

Lili xxx
P.s Have a grandly spiffy day/ Night ( it's raining on my tin roof ... ahhhh)

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  1. that handprinted fabric is amazing. thank you for posting it.