Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baby pants Or 3/4 pants ???

The other week I was looking through some of the regular site that I go on and I found this idea and pattern from the made by rae  blog. This is a really basic idea and pattern, If your a beginner sewer or just after a project that doesn't take to much thought this is one for you !
Here is a picture of my lovely Edie pie in a pair that I made up for her , although the pattern is meant for new borns I simply added 2 cm to the width to make sure they fit her because she is almost 3 months old.
The plan was to make them longer as well by adding another 2 cm to the length of the pants but I got a bit ahead of myself and cut out one leg before checking that I had enough material for both of them ! To fix my little miss hap I simply shortened the leg length  to fit into the amount of material I had left. In the end I think I added to 2cm to the pattern and then had to minus 4cm, but they are still long enough to be pants till the end of spring, and then will be 3/4 for summer, which is quite a handy.
 I hope you enjoy making them as much as I did.

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