Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Two Oh Boy Ten !! Belated

Well Christmas has well been and gone but the foods like christmas cake , almond short breads, truffles and still hanging around ... yum yum 
I thought that I would share some happy times with you.

Because my grandparents were Latvian we celebrate Christmas eve as well as day. This year for Christmas eve my family decided to make it dress up the them was formal form any era! That gave me a mountain of chose but I went for a 1920s style flapper dress that 
I made and just a cute little dress that I wiped up for Edie. The night went off with a bang and was a lovely night on the whole.

Oh k so I might look completely wiped out here but that might be because we were up at 5.30 am on Christmas day. Its been a long standing tradition in my family that I get up super early and wake everyone up, which I take great joy in doing. 
I shall call this ... THE AFTERMATH !!!!! what can you say Edie got lot and I mean lots of presents plus the 5 remaining family members didn't do too badly either.
Lastly I thought I would show you the one and only   Christmas stocking ! I Have to say that I'm  pretty jealous of it compared to my old one. I was going though my mamas wardrobe and found some old red woollen fabric and thought Oh yes that would come in handy and here it is re-crafted into a special thing.

Lili xx

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