Saturday, September 3, 2011

MY Birthday

Hello poppits,
To day was the first day of my second decade ... 
wow.  some may being to complain at this point in life about being (sooo) old pfff, how you expect to live and have some amazing adventures and even some pretty spiffy stories to tell. So instead i welcome you, this coming year will just add to my memories and all those special moments. 

and for me getting older is so much easier than being one of those clicky little teens,  sure theres always that aspect with people but i've found as you grow in yourself this can give you the chance to flourish into a individual in you take the chances that are handed to you.

anyway i might have some birthday picture for you tomorrow, I had a lovely and very long/ busy day and can't wait for my holiday to begin on monday ....

Lili now 20 years old,xxxx 

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  1. found your blog on mama loves papa ;) I would love to follow each other!!!