Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 18/365 days of new things

Hello Poppits,
hows your day been? 
today i got back into the kitchen after still feasting on Edie's party left overs... and boy was it good.
We had some yummy capsicum fajitas
and then some pizza scrolls. 

 I also look forward to this time of year when the blossoms outside my bedroom window come out in full bloom, they are so delicate and springtimey.

 and lastly i made some really yummy Melting moments i got the recipe from here, but it only made ten not the forty it was meant to and i needed to double the icing mixture.. but boy oh boy these where amazing and i am making them again sometime really soon. oh and i put into use an earl birthday present a wilton 2d piping nozzle, it worked really well with this icing but i had tried to use it on Edie's cup cakeis  with not a whole lot of success , i think it really depends on what consistency  the icing is.

Lili xxx

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