Thursday, January 19, 2012

shop update

Well Hello there Poppits, 
Long time no see, I think the summer vibe has truly gotten to me and  i love to just take things slowly and not worry to much about anything at all. 
That said I've been busy with orders for the shop and making a few new characters.
So now with no further ado I would like you too meet 

 Etta the cat who loves her life by the seaside 

And Coco the fox who makes clothes for her living and pleasure .
Both these little characters and available in the shop.

Oh and this is a version of Poppy the cat, that has been tweaked a bit of a customer in London, She is now sporting a Bandit mask :) which I think is just a wee bit cute.

Well thats all for now lovelies,
Lili xxx