Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What our lives have consisted of late...

Well hello there poppits,
How have you been of late supper busy or just chilling in there ?
Well I must say i've been on the slightly busy side of life at the moment.

when i've not been pottering about with Edie in the garden pick things as they ripen such as these yummy black currents we found ripe in our garden, were keeping cool in the shade and snacking on frozen blueberries which we love. 

And come nap/ bed time instead of popping up to Florence for a few hours nice sewing i've been busy making my little creations for  two upcoming markets that i'm doing the first will be the Nook market in Hobart next month  and then a few weeks later it will be off to Deloraine to do the Inspire Handmade Market! YAY

Well TTFN,
Lili  xxx

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