Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fabric Swap part II

Hello Poppits ,
It's that time of year again to do a bit of fabric swapping.

Over at Maze & Vale  you'll find all you need to know to make some of your own spiffy fabric, although the sign up is over for this swap that doesn't mean you can't crate something wonderful for yourself !
This year I had lots of idea on what i wanted to make but most of them meant that i had to buy extra things that i didn't have and i really wanted to use what i had this time and see how i want with it.
I ended up making three hand carved stamps in two colourways for each design.  

 These first two fabrics are inspired by the lino in our bathroom , it's a 70s mustard in lots of hexagons and whenever i'm in there i like to pick out different pattern. I printed them on cotton fabric that i had on hand and used carving rubber and paint that i also had  

Next off i have a tulip and pear print that i think is really quite cute, this one was inspired by a little skirt that E.P has and a doona cover that i've recently got that's from the 70s with tulips over it in browns and mustards in true 70s fashion !

Well I can't wait to see what I get in the post from my swap partners :) 
Lili xxx


  1. YES! I must do mine too!! I have plans...BIG plans ha ha fingers crossed it works out.

  2. ohh i can't wait to see what you come up with :) if it's anything like you lino prints i'm sure its going to be lovely !