Monday, June 11, 2012

The new guys in the store ...

Hello Poppits
I thought that i would pop by to do a little update on what i've been up to of late ...

I've been busy making a new creation to go in the shop ...DOLLS YAY
I've loved making these so much and  i character  love the  that they oooz and all the fun details that i can work in :)

These will be popping up in the shop in the next day or so . So keep and eye out for them :)

Lili xxx

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  1. Hellooo Lili, I have found you! I was wondering if the Brown Owls in the N.W Tas area got off the ground? I'm an artist/illustrator (ex art teacher) living in Ulverstone and would be super interested in joining to get my craft skills up!? You're creations are Lovely!!

    Big Love

    Penny (