Friday, March 18, 2011

Amy Butler Kimono Pj's Edie style

Hello Poppits,
How's your week been ? everyone looking forward to a nice weekend, filled with lovely quite moments and sips of tea ??? I wish that this wistful sounding weekend was going to be mine but instead mine is most likely to be a bit on the busy side of life! Maybe if i'm lucky I might get i minute or two of peaceful rest ??

I made these pj's a few weeks ago and as per usual I'm only just blogging about it now... naughty me
I had seen Amy Butler's Little Stitches for little ones at my local craft shop and then ordered it from the library to see if it was worth while buying. Well let me tell you as soon as I had, had a good look though this lovely book I went straight out a brought a copy! I had seen the Kimono pj's in the book before hand and had set aside this cute Elephant flannel fabric for just this job ! 

 I hit a few problems as per usual when copying a pattern, I tent to just follow my own path when sewing and then when I do go to follow any instructions I get VERY confused .... not fun for anyone let me tell you.
The Pj's are a little big because I went for the 12 month size for Edie just to be on the safe side and seeming she's only just gone 6 months and is still in a size 00 it is safe to say they will fit for a good while. I've taken them up for the time being so they fit a little better, but still need a press stud on the top to prevent minor chest flashing...

 Also I forgot to add the trim into the length of the arms and legs as I wanted to just be all from the same fabric. This isn't a problem atm as the needed to be taken up but when Edie does grow into them I will need to add the trim. Oh well!

But all in all I'm pretty chuffed with how they turned out seeming these where the first time I had made anything like this and it was good to try out a few new techniques! 

Oh any I know the photos aren't too good but all Edie's doing now is rolling and staring to crawl so it's hard to get a good photo where she's still ...

 have a good weekend TTFN,
Lili xxx   

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