Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sewing ... Tap pants if you want to call them that

Hello Poppits,
How's the start to your weekend going?? Hopefully a little nicer than mine has been today! 
And hopefully you don't have a rotten cold like I have that was kindly passed on from Edie to the rest of my family ... not happy campers now let me let you.

now on to the crafty bits and bobs 
I made these shorts just after our christmas trip down to the east coast. I had brought all the doodad before hand though but had just ran out of time to make them before christmas with all the presents that I was making.
I got the idea from seeing a girl in the street with something similar but shorter than these and slightly more flowy. I got the pattern form Etsy and was a cheap buy ( it smelt smokey was the only down flaw) It was a McCalls 5470 pattern and I'm sure that you could find the pattern on the net somewhere!
These shorts are supper dupper comfy and are nice and light weight for summer.  

The fabric was also a score from esty and is supper cute! I had a few issues with the waist so I made a coupe of ties which are very helpful indeed.
I'm going to attempt to make these shorts again at a later date, but this time with a nice lightweight chiffon fabric maybe ??? Also I saw some shorts with a scolloped edge which I thought I would give a try, as well as making them shorter and tighter maybe ???  

Any was I really have enjoyed these ones, I think they might have to become my summer picnic pants because they are what I always don on for our lovely picnics. A BIG pluse they go spiffingly  well with a navy ascot shirt I got from an opp shop one trip !

TTFn ,
Lili xxx 

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