Thursday, March 3, 2011

I do love a good picnic or two ...

Hello Poppit,
How have you been ? Autumn has differently hit us hard and fast in Latrobe ... In a matter of fact i'm pretty sure it has hit all of Tasmania. It has taken from us what little summer we had this year. But in its wake it will bring wonderful colours on trees, yummy soups, fresh crispy bread, hot steamy spicey tea and lots of nice cosy crafts .
I though I would shear with you a few pictures from a wonderful weekend spent picnicking... 

On friday night we went to the Symphony under the stars, its was fill with a lazy night under the stars with lovely classical music , played by a fabulous orchestra. The compear on the other hand was interesting to say the lest. 
I made some spiffy picnic food to take up it all got scoffed up pretty quickly! We had mini Banoffee pies with dark chocolate drizzled over the banana and an filled mediterranean cob loaf! All of this was scrummy but regrettably I forgot to take any photos of the food :(

The second picnic we went to Delorain for a morning onside the river. We had a lovely time eating Chickpea sausage roles form the burke Street Bakery. These were brilliant but not something on first bit your to sure on, but on second bit your hooked and know that you've found something good. For afters we had fresh scrummy blueberry friands, these are one of my favourite and best and when ever we have blueberries they go into this recipe !    
Hope you had a tops weekend like I did,
Lili xxx

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