Thursday, July 28, 2011

little Vintage Edie style ...+ 11 months old

Hello poppits,
it's time for another weeks styling for little ones what ever the era is! be sure to hop hop hop-pity hop over tohart+ sew and mama loves papa for some other great little characters in some very nifty wears.

Edie turned a whopping 11 months old this week and the count down has begun for her very first birthday ! I've been planing for a while now and think i've got mostly everything sorted now and it's just a matter of wait for things to come in the post!

Romi was kind enough to take Edie out and take the photos for this weeks post whilst i was getting some things together for my night of present wrapping ... who knew i had brought so much stuff... oh well. Oh and i did some cleaning up after edie again and by that time she was ready for a nice little nap :)
this picture is so funny !
Edie wore :
dress, vintage,
stockings, Bonds

Lili and Edie xx


  1. oh, i love her outfit!!
    and your etsy shop is too cute :)

  2. that is a sweet little dress, and she looks like she is levitating in that picture! what talent! :)

  3. hehehe, I love that climbing shot. She sure is determined!

  4. what a sweet little dress! and those shoes!