Thursday, July 21, 2011

little Vintage Edie style ...

hello poppits,
it's time for another weeks styling for little ones what ever the era is! be sure to hop hop hop-pity hop over to hart+ sew and mama loves papa for some other great little characters in some very nifty wears.

 this little outfit was a find on etsy and was a pretty good one at that as it didn't cost to much and is so mixy and matchy. I love that you can have either or neither together. But i d really love the top it's just so nice and i don't want to say boring but thats precisely what comes to mind, it pretty plain there's nothing froofy about it. but because of that I love it. it's nice to just have some vintage clothes that can be worn and not have to be too careful in them.

 the pants in a last photo look like they are giving Edie a slight camel toe but thats just because they kept falling off and i could't be bothered with fixing them too much because, by this point of the day ( morning tea time) Edie was already filthy and had  at lest 1/3 of a piece of cake on her clothes that she had spat out and then crawled through !   
in other Edie news she now has 7 teeth and has learnt how to climb down and up stairs and other things like the verandah and peoples beds !

Edie wore:
vintage suit: Etsy 
basics: Kmart 
Hair bow: made by me

Lili and Ediexxx    

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  1. Oh my! I love those overalls. Adorable. Also, I love that multi-colour carpet. It looks so bright and fun!

  2. such vintage sweetness! Teeth, crawling through ick.. I hear you. Oh the joys!
    Mel :o)

  3. Aw, I love those overalls! I just bought a boy version that came with a little top, vest, and bow tie for my shop! (not listed yet though!)

  4. love those overalls! such a colorful and sweet style!

  5. Edie rocks her vintage styles so well. She is totally adorable in this and I agree it is great to have vintage gear that isn't too precious that they can just play and be kids in.

  6. i love that style of overall! so classic. she looks really cute!