Thursday, July 14, 2011

little Vintage Edie style ...

Hello pottits,
having a lovely wintery or summery week where every you are in this round and very big world we live in ?? 

Edie and i have been having a very nice and chilly wintery one here in australia. theres been snow falling in the mountains that you can see form our house in the valley which looks a treat, when you catch it out of the corner of your eye.
thous it's still been cold we've have some lovely warm day's if you can find a sheltered nook out of the wind ( or my room which has sun almost all the time... aghhh) 

 I love Edies little vintage tee she has, it's fit her for soooo long I mean she's pretty much worn it on and off since she was about two weeks old but it's sadly almost getting too small now. 
I remember going through all the clothes I had for this little baby and wanting this to be one of the first things she wore because it had been mine :) and let's just say I got that wish!

Edie wore :
vintage tee, hat knitted by my mum ( I love it ) vintage up-cycled ugg boots etsy,

were linking up with mama loves pap and hart + sew pop over and have a peep at what everyone else is wearing 

Lili and Edie xxx


  1. I love that tee! It is completely adorable - just like Miss Edie!
    We have been in the snow this past week. Isn't it wonderful!

  2. What an adorable pair the two of you are! Just lovely.

    I envy your winter weather and clothes right now, all the way over here in hot, humid, Florida. :)

  3. great outfit, I love her little Ugg boots

  4. Adorable outfit! It's so fun when our kids get to wear our old clothes, isn't it?

  5. oh, that shirt is so cute! and i love your purple tights too :)