Thursday, April 26, 2012

KCWC days 1,2 and 3

Hello there Poppits,
I hope all is well in your own little worlds....
Monday marked the start if the kcwc(Kids Clothes Week Challenge) over at Elsie Marleys blog,I saw all the lovely clothes that came out of this last year and knew i just had to be in it this time around !!
I've challenged myself to make one item each day ... so far i'm a day out but hoping to catch up tomorrow :) nap time and night sewing anyone ...

 The first day I make E.P a cute little rain coat using oliver +s school days jacket omitting all the lining and vest options. I was expecting this to be a bit tricky to put together with the laminated fabric ( it's 

Sweet Nothings Laminate by Zoe Pearn by the way)  but the hardest part was trying to sew on self-adisive velcro dots ... never ever again don't even think about attempting it just go for the non-adisve stuff unless you want 3+ wrecked  needles.

Next up is  day twos piece of work/ part of day 3 ( short nap times ... dam you !) a sweet little Lola dress made from my got to vintage dress pattern with the addition of a hand drafted peter pan collar. The fabric adds a cute retro vibe and was super cheap $2 a meter on the throw out table YAY and this only used about 1/2 a meter. As this is the third time using this pattern all problems have been ironed out and is super easy to whip up :)

Day 3 and 4 some cute little shorts for next summer made out of some vintage terry fabric. I used Oliver +s puppet show shorts part of the pattern but didn't use the pockets because the fabric gets pretty think when doubled over and i thought the multi way stripes may end to be a wee bit of an eye sore .

we that's all up to date with the Kcwc part things and hopefully i'll be back tomorrow with my next creation YAY

Lili xxx

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