Monday, June 27, 2011

10 Months all ready

Hello poppits,
Edie primrose is a whopping 10 months old today! wow how time fly's  when your watching your baby grow and discover all the things that are new to them :)
It's so amazing to think back to 10 months previous and to realise that Edie wouldn't of even been born yet ! It's funny thinking back to when she wasn't born and what I did with my time, now I find my-self running out of things that I need to get done when you sleep longer than you would normally, this isn't to say that there aren't things to been done, it just seems like it's time to be with you again.

 here are a smattering of photos from this last week.

 Edie pretty much hates her cot how ever incising I make it ! But she's slowly but surely starting to form a weak friendship with it,( I put friendship very loosely I think it could be more like ... very strong dislike ...)   cause she likes my bed soo much more!
 This past week it's been a battle/ war to get your into a nappy and cloths with out you A( wanting to crawl off which isn't anything new  but now this is followed by B) a hizzy fit of cries because you want to go NOW !!!! This is slightly stressing when it's winter and you only have half a nappy on, but what can you do ??

 Oh have I mentioned that you LOVE to mess things ?? and I mean anything! you'll pull clothes out of any cupboard that's left open, at lest 3 times a day I have to tidy up my cd collection that you have strewn across the floor ( all now have smashed cases a sad fact)  and lets not start on the food cupboard ....   

In the lest few weeks you've really started to like looking in books and will put them up really close to your little face and then pull them away and smile and then put it back up to your face. You love your Winnie  the pooh  touchy feely book and it's so funny when you try and turn the thick pages( thin ones are easier) 
 You love any water be in your sippy cup, in the bath or in with the goldfish! you love your swimming lessons when you had them and I can't wait to take you back in the spring when it warms up.

Things you like:
Mess, nappies, wet wipes, water, sophie, maybel, rabbie, baths, climbing, crawling, baby biscotti, your sippy cup, swimming, climbing up peoples legs, plying in the food cupboard, pulling clothes out of things, your duplo, going for walks, chipies, ICE CREAM, books, your book box, percy the peacock, going in the car when you haven't been in it for a few days, your amber necklace, brushing you hair, ... and teeth( you have 6), me walking with you on my foot, people helping you walk..., crawling to HOT drinks, trying to get peoples food  and probably more but I can't think of anything else .

Edie wore: tights made by me, Dress vintage from miskabelly , headband unknown.

I love you Edie pie ,
Lili xxxx + lots of love 


  1. She is a jewel!!!!! And that headband! I just love it :)

  2. what a darling, happy ten months sweet girl!