Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Trip to the mountain

Hello Poppits, how has your week been ??
I thought I better get around to posting the pictures form our trip to Ben Lomond before we get going on our next Mountain trip ( Which is tomorrow !!! but this time to the lovely Cradle Mountain)

 So the day started our really quite well, we left home mid morning meaning we got to the mountain by lunch time( it's only about 2 hours fro where I live) the trip up was really nice Edie slept the whole way and I got to listen to some Eva Cassidy which I've been really enjoying of late.

 Then it was time to unpack and have some lunch to eat.... lunch was lets say slightly burnt as I has forgotten it in the oven when I was baking it the day before so I wont mention that :(

Next we checked that all our gear was there for the up coming ski season ( hopefully we actual get one this year unlike the last 2-3 because of lack of the icy white stuff that falls from the ski)

 Next on the agenda was a brisk walk up to the top of the summit and boy let me tell you that, that was hard work caring Edie up there in the front pack.... Mum had to take over for a bit as you'll see later on.

Any way the rest of the night was going really nicely until about 8pm when a horde of noise people turned up to stay the night and thought it would be fun to have a pit of a party... lets just say we didn't get much sleep and left for home very early... oh well we had a great few hours before they turned up....

Now for some smashing photos of our trek up the mountain.
Only in Tasmania would you find a toilet in the middle of nowhere 

Edie about half way before she fell asleep form the cold :) 

Hope you enjoyed the picture and the little rant,
Lili xxx

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