Wednesday, June 8, 2011

little Vintage Edie style ...

Hello Poppits,
How has you week been??
Filled with some nice adventure I hope.
It's come to that time of the week again when we link up with Hart+Sew  and Mama loves Papa .

This post is in the memory of all those toys that go MIA... Sophie  the giraffe was one of those toys. I searched high and low for her and to no avail. So Sophie missed out on a trip to Cradle Mountain ... But fear not Sophie was found again unlike so many missing toys, she was found in the food cupboard of cause because thats where you should always look.... You should of seen how happy Edie was to find her. Anyway back on with this post. 

  I found this little dress at an op shop recently and thought I better grab it up seeming that It was only $1 or some such price, but on reflection i'm not a bit fan of it . Sure I love the front part of the collar and the little blue tie but that's about it and the clown is just a wee bit scary... I know how kiddies could get scared of them.( you can't see it in any of the photos but take my word on it its darn right CREAPY) any hooo this little dress will probably end up sitting in the bottom of a draw and then who knows what... but I have my doubts wether Edie will be seen in it again...  

Dress: Thrifted, tights and tee kmart 

Lili and Edie XXX


  1. No! It is way too cute to hide away in a drawer. I can't see the creepy clown in the pics but surely he can't be that bad?
    My wee girl loves her Sophie too. I am glad Edie found hers.

  2. oh, that dress looks adorable from what we can see! Although I know what you mean- I don't like a lot of the appliques on some vintage clothes- I got an adorable little dress with an attached apron yesterday, but it's got appliques on it. Not cute ones, just cheesy ones from probably the 80's!

  3. eeep! So sweet.. love stumbling over to these darlings from Mama loves Papa... you have a great space here. :o)
    Mel at needle and nest design.

  4. I get almost everything from thrift stores. I love them. That dress is beautiful :)

  5. all of the scalloped detailing looks darling, too bad about the creepy clown! maybe you could cover it up with an applique of your own, it has too much potential to hide it away!