Thursday, June 30, 2011

Little Vintage Edie style ...

Hello Poppits,
Hows your day going, It's time for some more cute little styles and a mix of vintage sprinkled in there for good luck be sure to pop over to Hart+ sew and Mama loves Papa so see everyone else's spiffy styles.

 This Week we have two lots of vintage style but in two different post! Lucky you :)

 It was a lovely day on Tuesday well as lovely as you can get in winter, so I decided that called for a walk at the beach with a smattering of lunch on  the side ( stout bread ( this is amazing ! I'll have to give you the recipe) and some yummy hot chips to go with the bread). After our walk and lunch it was time for a play on the play ground ! 
And oh boy was it fun! Edie loved going down the slid and was laughing her head off ! 
She like the swings as well but we all know that cause she has her own little one at home , but this one was a bit different and she could lay on it :)

 This little dress was made by Mama, she used to be an artist back when my mum was growing up and up until just after I was born. She used to make and sell lots of this kind of crotchet dressed and tops. I worn this same dress for my christening  about  19 years ago! wow that makes me feel slightly old.

Oh I found a picture of me and my mum on my christening day, I'm probaly almost Edie's age her, so it's kind of fun looking at it.  

Edie wore: Vintage dress, shoes made by me, tights and tee kmart, jumper Seed, hat made by me. oh and  head band made by me.
Lili and Edie xxx 


  1. Gorgeous! I love how you have so many treasures saved from your childhood. this dress is so lovely and a beautiful story behind it too.

  2. That mustard colour hat in the first picture is darling!

  3. that is so pretty! you and edie look so much alike too! i also love that knotted headband...i may just have to make one for LM... very cute!