Thursday, June 23, 2011

Little Vintage Edie style ...

Hello Again my lovely poppits,
I hope you've been having a lovely time since my last post which was last week... deary me where do these weeks go these days that's what I would like to know.... any how it's time to link up with two very spiffy blogs that go by the names of Hart+Sew and Mama loves Papa  Yay 
 This week Edie wore some really lovely vintage  inspired or pieces in with her everyday clothing but I just never  got around to taking the pictures before she got to grubby or it wasn't a nice day to take photos as this past week it has been pretty wet, windy and cold in Latrobe. But not to worry I had been saving these photos for just an occasion like this. 
This dress is so sweet, with its embroidered flowers on the blouse and it's little spotted apron, I fell in love when I saw it. This little dress was yet another that my Mum had put way from mine and my sisters childhood. From the look of it I don't think it got to much wear and I don't remember seeing any pictures of anyone in it. 

 But I'm glad of that because now I have these photos of Edie looking so cute in them, and boy have I waited a long time for her to fit into them. Ever since it was pulled out of storage  and before I knew if I would be having a little girl I hoped I would see a little person in it soon and that I did :)

Edie wore:
Dress vintage, tights bond, and vintage sesame street plastic wagon 
I wore: 
Dress vintage my mums , Shoes vintage my mammas, belt jeans west

Lili and Edie xxx


  1. How sweet is that? I love that you put her in your old clothes. I have my first communion dress that I hope my girls will wear someday. Have a great week!

  2. Oh, adorable! But mostly I am really loving your hair! Mine has gotten so long and I think I'm ready to go short!


  3. Oh my goodness, i love her outfit. AND i love your store!!

  4. Adorable!! And how sweet to be able pass on something you wore as a baby!!

  5. Really adorable-too bad you don't have any photos of you in it! I love your dress as well-really cute!

  6. Oh, I love Edie's dress. And you, my friend, are gorgeous! I love your dress, too. What pretty girls you are!

  7. Love those dark tights - on both of you! And her hair is amazing :)

  8. Oh how fun that you are both wearing family vintage! I love both your dresses - so sweet!

  9. You guys look so sweet together. It's nice to see you sharing a love of vintage even at this early age ;-)

  10. Love Edie's otfit, I love vintage kids clothing and she looks so adorable!

  11. i was going to mention how much i loved your dress and then i saw at the end it was your moms! that is awesome. and edie is perfection in that little number!