Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby booties ...

Hello Poppits,
I hope very thing is going tickety boo in your world. I know it is in mine now I have got these little devils done !

You would think that these would be simple as pie to whip up ??? But no, you think wrong. I started these little shoes in early january, thinking that they would be a quick fill in project... I had a few issues though. I get a little frustrated to say the lest when a project doesn't go as planed, it was evident early on that these weren't going as planed. I hadn't made this kind of thing before so I thought that it would be best to follow the interactions for this project. I had been given a copy of Meet me at mikes as a christmas present and used the pattern from that, I'm not one to follow instructions at the best of time so, that could be where I went astray with this project. Following the instructions cause be more confusion than help. Soon after starting the booties, the instructions weren't going as planed and the booties when flying across the living room with a few words following them , this continued thought out the day before I decided to give up ... 

Yes that's right I gave something that I wouldn't do lightly. Until today ... I wouldn't let them beat me so I this time I didn't follow the instructions and they worked out a treat ! They look so cute on Edie and I'm really pleased with how they ended up turing out. 
Now I'm not saying that the Meek me at mikes instructions were bad , I'm just bad a following them and because I have my own way of sewing and cutting corners  most instructions down't work but they never take this long to complete ! 

Seeming Edie was asleep when I was taking photo's of the booties I thought I would share with you this cute one that I took the other day. How cute is she in her vintage rainbow overalls ?? and look can you see her little teeth ?? she has two now :) and her pretty high chair cover in action YAY 

Lili xxx

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