Sunday, February 13, 2011

Edies New Highchair cover ...

Hello Poppits, How's everything going in your own little world ?
I though I would show you all a little something I wiped up last week in between Edie's naps ( 30-40 minutes if i'm lucky !!)
I Had been flicking through some blogs between night time feeds and had come across a blog (sorry I can't remember where) that had a tutorial on how to make a quilted highchair cover. Now it's a great idea and all, but everyone know that babies and toddlers are messy eater, and how painful it is to send extra time cleaning when you have so many other things to be doing with that time. Any  way I thought why not make it out of oil cloth because then all you have to do is wipe it down when it gets dirty ! Easy peasy.

It's pretty simple to make too all you do is trace all the parts that you need to be covered with oilcloth , cut them out the sew together.
I got this lovely oilcloth from I just love that fabric , It's by : Marimeeko but unfortunately  I got the last two remnants available at this store, but you can also get an eye-boggling rang on Etsy .
The wonderful thing about this project is that it doesn't need every much fabric at all, from memory I ordered 2x 30cm by 50cm but don't quote me on that and then an extra piece that was half a meter but. But the two remnants did the job with easy and I've got fabric left over the make a bib or something along those lines with. YAY !!

 Hope you enjoyed the picture and found the post help full ! 
TTFN, Lili

P.s Ohh I thought I should just tell you that I've worked out my granny squares !! YAY 

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