Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chocolate Brownies scrummy dummy dum

Hello poppits,
In need of your chocolate fix ??? well you can't go wrong here! this will be your supper chocolate pick me up, saying that though it's not so super chocolatey that you think your going to be sick from eating it !

As some of you might know i'm a bit of a fan of pinterest it's just so much fun browsing everyones different find. Anyway back to my point I found this recipe on there one day and though it would make a nice weekend treat!

and boy oh boy did it fill that spot!
It was nice and nutty, with a crunchy top and fudgey centre 

The original recipe came from Exclusively Food and I stuck to it pretty much other than adding some extra nuts cos boy do I like nutty food and some spear milk choc chips that were floating around in the pantry! So if your keen to make some chocolately goodness head over to their web site and make these brownies and have a bit of a squis at some other recipes!

Lili xx 

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