Friday, April 29, 2011

Cot doona/ quilt cover !

Hello Poppits,
Feeling a bit hungry ?? sink your teeth into this spiffy Hungry caterpillar fabric I found. Isn't it a little bit amazing. It's got everything you could every ask from a caterpillar, bright colours food and excitement! It dose have the cute rainbow spots of both edges but it was to wide for my other backing fabric that you'll see in a minute so i'm sad to say I had to chop it off...
But it was for the better good of the project.

Here is the back/ other side of the cover isn't this side just as wonderful ! I found this vintage hot-air ballon fabric on esty and couldn't go by it. This fabric is a lighter weight than the hungry caterpillar side but who cares... not me thats for sure.The whimsical balloons are sure to most likely to keep Edie entertained instead of asleep... oh well.  

 For the finishing touch I gathered a selection of random buttons to go along the bottom. I'm rather chuffed with this part as I've never machine stitched button holes, it wasn't the perfect job by any means but I'm still happy with the out come. 

Oh so next time maybe I should iron the thing before I take the picture .. 
I'm so happy with how this turned out, but i'm sad to say now it will have to go away until Edie's old enough for a doona. But boy oh boy, will she have fun choosing what side to have it on when she is old enough!

Lili xxx

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