Monday, April 25, 2011

Crinkly Owl teether

Hello Poppits,
How's your daily adventures going ??
I know I haven't done a sewing post for a long time but fear not I have one for you now !
A few months ago I stumbled across this nifty idea on home made by Jill.
It's a really quick and I mean quick sewing whip up. These would be great for a new born present, or just because you thought someone special needed it!
If it was for a baby under 6 months you could try using a very strong black and white pattern which they are very drawn to.

 For Edie's I just used bits and pieces that where laying around in the scarp box, I stuffed it with a coupe of layers of plastic form a wipes bag, but on refection they need to be separated to make them really crinkle. For the texture I used a combination of different things such as elastic, ric rac, wool,and a red ribbon. I think what the great thing about this project is that you don't need to go buy anything for it to be able to make it just use whats on hand and make them each individual !

Happy days,
Lili xxx

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