Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rost Veggie filo pie

Hello Poppits,
Hows your day going ??
fancy something yummy and hearty for tea ??
This could be your answer in one. Other than having a nice loaf of bread and some relish on the side.

My brother found the recipe and made it for tea one night for us which was truly lovely seeming as I do a lot of the cooking, and it was nice to have a night off .
I'm not to sure what the recipe consist of but i'll have a little bit of a guess ... from memory.
It had a lovely selection of roast veggies such as potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, capsicum, parsnip, garlic ect.. basically anything you want then you add in some wilted spinach say 400g and a block of fetta crumbled and mix it all though. 

 For the filo part I think it was about 4-6 layers of pastry, spraying with oil and putting salt and pepper to taste for each layer. And then for the Top probably 4 layers doing the same as above ?
Next grease a 24cm sprigform pan and build up the pastry up the sides and base of the tin , pour in the filling and then top with more filo, wipe the top with melted butter and sprinkle with sumac   and some dukkah. Bake for 20 minutes ish until golden. 

Happy days and enjoy !

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