Saturday, April 23, 2011

One OF many new projects on my horizons MY Vintage caravan !!!!

Hello Poppits,
How are you on this easter saturday ?
Alls well hopefully, This week has been filled with lots of scrummy cooking with more planed for tomorrow as well, YAY. I'll blog about it all another day though because I'm here to show you my gem that I found.

 Isn't it amazing !
I found it... Oh k well my dad found it in a paddock up in the highlands. 

 I have no idea how old it is but, I'm guessing 1960s ...1950s maybe ?? I've got a fair bit to redo and I mean a bit.

 The roof has very bad water damage, as seen above. So it will need to be fully relined... but at the rate that the builders are going at fitting in this job will be NEVER....
I love the colour scheme of this vibrant tangelo orange colour, but I don't know if i'll stick with it or mix it in with reds and yellows ??

 here's more water damage .... aghhhhh

The amazing tap and sink combo ! I love this sink and it's colour soo much .

I'm thinking that I'll make the caravan into a sewing studio/ play room for Edie when she's a bit older/ reading room. I love all these options and will try and work it all together, especially the sewing room so that I can free up our living room.

If you've got any ideas for my little caravan let me know !

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a find! You have got to post some more recent pics! Love it!
    Loving your foodie stuff, vintage Edie and ALL your blog! I really am so happy to have stumbled here - yay! :)