Thursday, May 5, 2011

Little Vintage Edie style ...

Hello Poppits , 
It is that time of week again to link up with hart + sews blog and share a wee bit of vintage style with you all ... YIPE 

 It's Autumn here so that means that the days are slowly but surly beginning to grow colder. So people may fret about not being able to wear summery clothes but not I, I take it in my strid and just put a long sleeved top on underneath and some stockings and hay presto a whole new summers look ! 
 This day was no exception to my new found rule, I had been though Edie's next lot of cloths for her to grow into and found this beauty, that wouldn't be likely to fit her by the time summer comes back around. 
I have to say I can't take all the credit for this stylish combo of clothes my sister dressed her this particular day and I think she did a pretty darn good job, you should pot over to her blog and have a look. She dose a grate job at what she does.

Edie: Stockings Kmart
top Target 
Romper previously worn by me 
Shoes are form Woolybaby

Lili xx


  1. She looks adorable! That romper is just the cutest thing ever!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE that she's wearing a romper that you wore as a baby. She's a doll!


  3. I'm totally with you on re-purposing out of season pieces to get more wear out of them. I'm all about layers! And this look is executed perfectly in my (un) professional opinion. ADORABLE!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone :)

  5. a great idea! i'll probably have to do some out of season layering with lark since she was born in a different time of year than my oldest. so cute!