Monday, May 16, 2011

Baby stockings

 Hello Poppits
What's new and interesting for you?
My new favourite thing is so have a nice hot hot water bottle at the bottom of my bed to rest my cost tootsies on...ahhh so nice :)

Any way  to this post, It had been a long time coming as i first made these about 2 months ago... wow that's flown by.
I found the fabbity post and pattern on Made by Rae It's such a quick and simple thing to whip up in 15 minutes if that !
The mushroom stockings are my second pair but I used a different jersey fabric that didn't have a lot of stretch in it so even though I made the pattern bigger it wasn't big enough. Oh well they still look darn cute.
For this pattern to really work you need a pretty stretchy jersey as Rae says in her post. Be sure to pop over and have a look at her blog.
The only thing I changed was the way I put the elastic on the band, I tried they way it said to do so in the tutorial but that didn't work for me, so I just sewed a tube and treaded though enough elastic to fit around Edie's waist. This worked so much better for me :)

These are the first pair I made. I really love the fabric and wish I had more of it to use my I salvaged it from an old bonds singlet of mine, that I had only worn a few times years ago! I was lucky to even be able to get a pair from the fabric as it was a bit on the small size for the pattern but I managed, to fit it on some how.
I don't know how much wear Edie will get out of them as they are already getting over stretched but, who cares they are just so quirky and nifty. 

Lili xxx

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