Thursday, May 19, 2011

Little Vintage Edie style ...

Hello Poppits,
How have you been made anything fancy or scrummy lately??
Just today I made some very nice Queen cakes but that's for another day. 
Because it's that time of week again where we link up with Hart+Sew for a little bit of vintage and Small style over at Mama loves papa.
 We had been out for a mothers group catch up and Edie had fallen asleep on the way home in the car so by the time she had woken up the light was beginning to fade meaning a lot of the photo came out blurry and on top of that Edie yet again thought it would be fabulous to try and crawl off the veranda. Oh boy ....    
 Probably in the last fortnight she has really begun to start to pull her self up on everything ... and I mean everything. I left the room yesterday to get her shoes and came back to find her standing up at the window and looking out!
All that said I love watching her develop and the looks on her face when she achieves what she was trying to do.

I got this little dress from a shop on Esty a few weeks ago and didn't like the sleeves so off they came. 
I think it makes the dress so much sweeter. Below the picture from the shop that I brought it from and how it looked before with the sleeves.
Dress:vintage Etsy
Shoes: BobkaBaby Etsy 
Jacket: Seed
Tights: Kmart, White top Target.
Beanie: Made by me using this pattern (needed lots of reworking) and this yarn 

Lili xxx


  1. Oh golly that is the sweetest ever!

  2. Autumn. The one good thing that comes with the cooler weather is chunky knits. And that's probably the only good thing, in my book! Ha. (And I say that as a Canadian!!!)
    I love the dress - it actually reminds me very much of a dress my youngest sister had, around that same age, some 25 years ago (scary thought)

  3. What a doll! Love her little outfit, every bit!

  4. oh my goodness, she is a cutie!! love that hat.

  5. that hat is so cute! and i love that you made the dress work for you, i've chopped off many a sleeve myself :)