Thursday, May 12, 2011

Little Vintage Edie style ...

Hello Poppits,
It's that time of week again already, to share with you a little bit of what Edie has lurking  in her cupboard, and to link up with the fabbity blog that goes by the name of Hart+Sew .

 You might be thinking to yourself's wow these pictures are a wee bit dodge and I agree with you totally but Edie ,wasn't in much of a mood to have her photo taken and more in the wanting to go crawling frame of mind. I love these pictures despite that though, they few taken to the end of the schools Easter break, meaning we had my brother home for a full 12 days which was really fabbitty. The picture was taken on a lovely sunny  Autumn lunch time whilst I was having a break form re-painting Edie's room( more on that later), hence the bad clothing on me but it's painting who need good clothes then ?

I really love this little dress, It's funny because it's something that I would never go and buy because of the colour (mint green) but if Edie didn't have this little dress she would be missing out on something special.
Edie wearing...
Dress was found in our old baby clothes but had never been worn!
tights kmart
shoes: woolybaby
and Amber necklace 

P.s Also pop over to Mama loves Papa where I have also linked up to and look at some more fabbity clothes on cute little people  

Lili xxx  


  1. Sweet! I love the look of the vintage dress over long sleeves and leggings! Here in Florida, we're sweating even with just short sleeves!!

  2. such a pretty dress! i love mint green, but i don't care for red - we all have our fave colors! :)