Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Peanutbutter choc chip cookie pies ???

Hello Popitts,
How's your evening going ?
I'm writing to you from the suggly land of my bed, where I've just had a nice hot drink and am almost off to bed but thought of this scrummy treat that I made a few weeks back and thought of you.

They are an amazing little discovery that I stumbled across the idea on this nifty blog and knew straight away that they had to be made !
  As I thought they were amazing (well my brother and my self thought so... The rest of the family not suck cookie dough fans as us.) The crisp outer shell of the biscuit that has been baked just right, followed by the warm but not cooked cookie dough... what else can be said! Oh plus Ice cream mmmmmm yum!

I used my own cookie recipe that is tried and true, there was even enough dough after 5 of these little treats to make a decent batch of cookies.
Which we ate the following night this time with hot fudge sauce and Ice cream.... This was a better hit with the rest of the family as they are more fond of a cooked biscuit. No picture of this version though sorry :( 

All in all this is a must try for any cookie monster ....

Lili xx

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