Thursday, May 26, 2011

Little Vintage Edie style ...+ 9 months old

Why Hello Poppits,
The weeks are just flying by of late... it seems like only yesterday that I was writing last weeks post and now it's time to link up with Hart + Sew again as well as small style over at Mama loves Papa YAY 

This week has been felly full on, with a trip up to our ski lodge that we have shares in to check our gear for the up coming season( the trip warrants a whole post for it's self.... maybe tomorrow hmmmm) with some yummy cooking thrown in there, a winter jacket for me finished off and LOTS of disturbed nights on Edie's behalf.

In all that we managed to get some photos take( well my sister did :) thanks, Romi) Oh and Edie turned 9 months old today yay :)

 This little romper was a nice rare find at a local op shop I scored it for 50 cents from memory(lack of sleep so I could be wrong) It was missing a button which was easily fixed, the big problem was finding a button I liked. This romper is a truly 80/90s baby look and is very different from what I would buy online but i'm super glade I got it, it's just so aghh what's the word cute/fun.

I'm really in love with this last photo, I only just saw it before I uploaded this post but thought it was very  un-Edie at the moment seeming she's always either crawling or pulling herself up on everything and everyone. But that said it is also show the other side of her and  how she is always taking every little bit of the world and what she sees in.
Romper: Thrifted
long sleeves: Best and lest

Lili xx


  1. Edie is adorable and so is the romper. I love it!

  2. She is just darling and that little romper is the sweetest! I love a good bargain.

  3. very cute! happy nine months edie!