Friday, May 20, 2011

bits and bobs for other people

Hello Poppits,
Hows your week been , filled with lots of achievements I dearly hope :)

I'm starting a new section in my blog about things that I've made for people other than Edie or I. Mainly these people will be my sister  and my mother but sometimes there could be a surprise in there.
It's not going to be a super regular( as in weekly) post. But I felt it needed it's own topic. 
And Away  we go ....

I made this Amour skirt for Romi towards the end of last year and had never gotten around to blogging about it so I thought this would be a grate place to start. 
The pattern came from the  Make it perfect Book that was released at the end of last year. This was a lovely simple skirt to sew and was a great project the introduced me into to realm of zippers... I know a lot of you out there aren't big fans of them but I find them really quite nice and easy to deal with, I only had one problem and that was to put the zip to low.... Oh well that's what skirt slides are for. The pattern actually called for press studs??? I think or was it Hook and Eyes. Any way I used what it said but since then have discovered skirt slides and they work so much better and leave a smoother finish to the garment.

 It had been awhile since I had sewn any major clothing piece as I had been more in the flow of cooking at the time and not so much sewing. I really enjoyed making this Skirt and would make it again in a flash.

Romi picked out the fabric she wanted it to be made out of and she did a lovely job doing so, My only complaint is that she is a bit like a young child who choses a fabric they like but then never seems to want to wear it once it's made. At lest she's not going to out grow it like a toddler would, so it will get some wear at some point.

Hope you enjoyed this first post of Bits and Bobs for other people.


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