Saturday, May 7, 2011

A few Easter treats

Hello Poppits, 
Have you recovered from your easter teats yet ??
Some how it just felt right to share with you a couple for picture of what we had to snack on over the easter break ...
 Nothing too spectacular here, only a milo milestone cake converted into our annul Easter splodge cake!
Covered with mix up m&ms and chocolate icing.
When we baked this cake this year I thought that it was a tad dry but over the days that it  sat waiting to be eaten it became more and more fudgey ! 
 Here's just a few or the 30 Easter buns that we made ( The recipe is a massive one !) We filled these's with home made Almond paste and little squares of dark chocolate ... oh so gooood :) some of us even filled their's with chocolate custard , more on that soon though.

Every thing was so yummy and I loved cooking everything with my family :)

Lili xx

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