Sunday, August 21, 2011

day 10/365 days of new things

hello poppits .... 
today has been a long day and i'm well and truly read to get a few hours kip between edies night wakings. 

 We woke to a glorious day, the sun was beaming and happy to be out after what seemed like weeks behind rain clouds, this called for an outdoors day! As you can see from these three picture Edie had a fun day... she slept in , ate pancakes , went to the market and got to play outside in the left over rain puddles!

 this my friends is my new and freshly painted old ladder that i picked up and the market today, it was painted a icky mushroom colour and defiantly needed lightening up. I have a few plans for this ladder but you'll just have to wait for that.

 coconut rough and coconut ice  YES Please. i made these both out of the frankies sweet treats cook book, i hadn't cooked anything out of there yet but they worked well :)

Lili xxx

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