Friday, August 19, 2011

Little Vintage Edie style ...

Hello poppits,
it's time for another weeks styling for little ones what ever the era is! be sure to hop hop hop-pity hop over to hart+ sew and mama loves papa for some other great little characters in some very nifty wears.

 I would have to say that a vintage blouse is one of the best things that can be found when searching for clothing. they are just so beautiful ! and what could be more cuter that a gorgeous one on a little girl who's almost one !.... 

I found this lovely top on rox and sams etsy shop, I was planing on keeping it until edies birthday but once i saw how lovingly it had been wrapped up i had to see what was inside it... and lets just say i fell in love with it all over again but this time i could actually see and feel how sweet and beautiful this 70s style top is. I love the fact that it has cord fabric , lace, awesome buttons and a spiffy floral print all jumbled up into one ! 

Edie wore:
Shirt vintage,
bonds roomies
and handcrafted bow by me :)

Lili and Edie xx


  1. what a sweet blouse! the bell sleeves are darling on edie

  2. Oh that blouse is so sweet! Great find!

  3. super spiffy.. spiff-spiffity even! hehe.. is it just me or are you and Dottie Angel related? You have the same blog 'aura' I'd say - which is utter cuteness. :o)

  4. so sweet! Love the flower clip in her hair