Thursday, August 11, 2011

Little Vintage Edie style ...

Hello, poppits!
we're back in action with our small styles and little vintage style after having a week off for a few different reasons but ho hum .
lets get onto the fun part of seeing all these cuties in their nifty outfits :)

 Oh k so Edie really wanted the camera so i let her have a little look ... big mistake as soon as i took it back she chucked a big wobbly... come to think about it she's been doing that a bit of late.

this little dress is hummm nice but it's not what i would normally dress her in. it's pink and light pink at that don't get me wrong i painted her room a whitey pink called "tea party" but that's what this dress is a pink puffy tea party dress and not some thing a crawling baby/ now standing by herself can happily romp around in. but all that said it has its elements that are pretty cool like all the scolloped edging ... ( I love ) and Edie seemed happy enough in it until she got it covered in cracker smudge and grape juice hahah.

Edie wore:
vintage dress,refashioned tights

Lili and Edie xx

P.s don't forget to pop by tomorrow of the first post of 365 days of new 


  1. Love her tights and your rug!!!

  2. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - that rug is amazing!
    Love the tights. Love the bby necklae. Cuteness abounds.

  3. Oh I love a little girl in a tea party dress, even if it is a bit hard to get about it!

  4. Edie has the sweetest little face and the prettiest eyes!

    I love her dress! I usually dress Finley in whatever is comfy (but still cute), but I love having her wear more special dresses, too. They are just SO sweet!

  5. that dress is so pretty and the tights are very cute paired with it. she is a doll!