Tuesday, August 16, 2011

day 5/365 days of new things

Hello poppit's ,
it's been a grey and cloudy day over here yet again followed by some lovely night time rain...
how about in your part of the woods ?

I got these lovely's today in the post ... I love the 1950s style of the dress , it's so smart and oozes upper class knowledge.( the photo doesn't do it justice, I blame the grey weather ) 
 Oh and don't get me started on these heels ... jaw drop i've never ever loved heels as much as i love these ones. they aren't super high but that's what i love. i'm short i'm not kidding anyone so why would i want to wear 5 inch heels to try and hide the fact. but theses babies just make you feel a wee bit taller and classy.

 my super cheap ($2 a yard ) blue dot fabric it's destiny is to be a beautiful dress
 my works in progress... what are they ?? 

lastly a yummy stir-fry with a new combination of spices, cumin and coriander= really nice 

lili xx

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