Wednesday, August 17, 2011

day 6/365 days of new things

Hello poppits ... 
how are you all today?
you know the lovely rain that i told you about last night well i woke up this morning to a fully fledged lake outside my window, and it's still down pouring now at 9pm!

this afternoon i made this really yummy lemon tart out of one of bill granges book ( open kitchen maybe ??)  I was really chuffed with how it turned out , the pastry didn't shrink one bit,  achievement  or what ! i had this great idea to put it on a nice plate to take a picture of it on... well it wasn't one of my best, i tipped it out and was like oh ... why's there a big dip in the pie? tipped it the right way around Oh cock and balls the filling had all fallen out and stuck to the plate ! I scraped it all back into the pie case and put it into the fridge to set.

then i had a brill idea cover it with a bit of raspberry sauce and hay presto massive problem fixed :)

in other new things Edie took her first steps by her self ! yay they where only a few here and there but they where steps :) my cleaver little girl.


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