Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 7/365 days of new things

Hello poppits,
i can't believe that were onto day 7 already 

today was a bit of a busy day Edie had her 12 month check up and now weight s whopping 8.5 kilograms that said i don't think she's put anything on since her 8 month check but i guess that's because she's becoming so much more active now with her  busy body ways :)

 in between the rain bursts i ducked outside with Edie for some fresh air  and look at these lovelies that had popped up over the night.. More mushrooms my fabbity dabbity favourites. I love finding them in the little clusters that they come up in and how they are there one day and then gone the next so you've only got a short time to see them, I guess that's what makes them a bit special.

oh and Romi  my sister made some yummy wafer thin Florentines up in the afternoon. I've never made them before but they were really yummy! she served them up so that you could drizzle how much chocolate you wanted on them, which i thought was a really spiffy idea! 

Oh and i got some lovely amy butler fabric that i had brought in the post today, I don't know what i wont to make out of them yet but i'm sure it will come to me ... maybe some cushions of the caravan ??

oh and i got something really special in the post today but that's a bit hush hush until it's given...  but it/ they are really special :)

Lili xx

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