Tuesday, August 23, 2011

day 12/365 days of new things

Hello poppits,
Edie and i had a really lovely day today, as our birthdays are only a week apart it makes for a fun week or so of cooking , eating, present opening and all round funness. today we had a afternoon tea with her 3 fairy godmothers which was really nice to catch up with them for a while, i really loved getting everything ready and making the veranda  look spiffy!

I had some help making the paper cranes and drew ideas from lots of different design blog and the likes, i was really please with how it all looked seeming this was my first time doing something like this. 

 Edie loving her lili doll 

Now for the party set up part ....

 I kept the food simple with home brewed ginger beer , fairy bread, cloud meringues baby apple cakies... 

 When in came to the blowing out of the candle and eating the baby cakies, Edie got all shy and cute and snuggled into ni-nis knee before quickly grabbing a baby cakie of the plate and stuffing it into her mouth ...

as for the take home treats ... this was a last minute thought and i really loved it. Everyone got their own fabric wrapped food package with and baggage label with their name on it. inside wrapped in brown paper and tied with string was coconut ice, love heart freckles and toasted coconut rough. 

Lili xx

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