Monday, August 15, 2011

day 4/365 days of new things

hello poppits,
we  role onto day 4 of a years worth of new !
 I got some spiffy new yarns in to post today, i love the mustard one this is my third ball now... if you wan to buy some pop over to tangled yarns for a squizz, they have so many nice yarns to chose from there. 
 I also in the post today i got the buttercream coloured Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Voile Fabric i had ordered, i was a bit unsure what i was going to make out of it, first i was thinking a cream blouse ... but now i recon it will be made into a nice light weight summer dress of some kind. 
 My potato seeds finally came today as well( after over a month !) this year i aim to grow all the potatos that we'll yet for a year... we'll see how that goes huh.
Lastly the courrier brought me the first thing to be put away for somebodies christmas present, I custom coloured keep cup( and eco reusable take away drink mug)  I love the colours that i chose and would love to have one just like this if i ever drank take away drinks.
Let's just say i was loving the fact that the Dale the courier came today.

and now just a few pictures of my new want .. 
A blythe doll, I'm not too sure which one i want just yet but i do really love the one pictured below, I think it might be that blond slightly 1940s-50s bob that i'm drawn to :)

source                                 source 

Lili xx

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  1. I love your keep cup colour combo.
    And I love those blythe gals as well!