Friday, August 12, 2011

day 1/365 of new things

Hello poppits,
how's your day been today ??
today marks the start of 365 days of new things where i'll be telling you and showing you pictures of all the new things i find/do/make/and of course buy ! 
so off we go...

I found this lovely selection of different wild mushrooms scattered though  out our top paddock where there used to be a pine hedge. I really love all the different colours and the tiny beautiful gills that wide mushrooms have. The range of sizes that you can find them in are also so astonishing, I mean you can find them in the form of a massive fairy toadstool down to the tiny ink caps you can find. I would have to say that the ink caps are my favourites...  but alas i only found one today and then fell over (oops) and lost in :(

 oh and i got a new hair cut ... can you tell??
and some new shorts but i'm not 100% sure if i like them yet or not .... what do you think ?

 And a few days ago i got my instax min 7s in the post YAY i know it's not new today but i really just wanted to show it off !
 and lastly what we had for afternoon tea ... these scones are pretty darn tasty if i say so my self ( it was a new recipe i was try maybe more on that later?)

Lili xx

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