Sunday, August 14, 2011

day 3/365 days of new things

hello poppits,
we're onto day 3 of 365 new things and i'm still going strong ...

my new favourite drink  fresh raspberry lemonade made with soda water.

a spiffy new banana cake recipe that i made up with the addition of frosting! mmm it was so darn  good, plus it was two layers and sprinkled with toasted coco nut.

I've been meaning to make these clouds for the caravan to go in the front window for sometime now and finally have, I love them they're just nice and relaxing. might need to straighten the wonky ones though.

and last but not lest some new (old) books and knitting patterns that i got from a local market today.
the children's books we're such a score ...$2.20 for the three and the dick bruna one was 20c crazy I love the illustration that are in his books. I love Enid Blytons noddy books and couldn't pass this one up at $4.
oh and my 1940s knitting pattern... drool they are magnificē in one word  !

Lili xx

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