Wednesday, August 24, 2011

day 13/365 days of new things

Hello poppits, 
it's been a long day here in the fosters household ... let me rephrase   that a long week! Edie hasn't been sleeping too well and it's been busy getting ready for birthday with still more tomorrow. I didn't do to many new things that i could document today it was just a in and out day with getting food from the shops and things like that ...
I have been woking on a new character for the shop which i'm pretty exited about , i love adding all the little details in ( sorry its not a great picture the lighting wasn't great and i couldn't really be bothered, but the photo doesn't do him justice )

oh and i got my new frankie in the post today :) and now i'm off to read a few pages of this book before bed :)

Lili xxx
p.s there will be a better post tomorrow :)

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