Saturday, August 20, 2011

day 9/365 days of new things

Hello poppits,
as you probably can see from the title of this post that we're up today 9 out of the big 365 !

I don't have that many photos to show you today but i did get up to a lot of new things in the kitchen in readiness for some little girls birthday but nothing was finished for todays post.... tomorrow maybe  

 Oh k so we all we're enjoying a ferrero rocher on a saturday afternoon like you do and i thought Edie would like to try one as she hasn't really had anything like this before ... Oh boy not only did she devour one but snuck a second and begun feverishly unwrapping it with pure excitement ! it was the cutest thing to watch, she really and i mean really love them. ( note I only had one ferrero rocher , which makes it even more gobsmacking) 

Remember that post a few days back maybe day 7 ?? where i got a really cool package we'll it was the two custom Simpli Jessi  that i had ordered. They were meant to be a christmas present for Edie/ Me but i couldn't wait that long so changed it so i would be giving them to her on her birthday but with 6 days to go i couldn't wait any longer.... and Edie got an early present 
Here's Dolly Lili & Edie  how amazingly spiffy are they 

Apparently this is where i'm to sleep form now on ...

lili xx

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