Friday, August 19, 2011

day 8/365 days of new things

Hello poppits,
:) guess what it's raining Again ... yes i think we may have had half a day with out any wet drops falling from the wee ski above our heads, but do you here me complaining , why no i loving having an acer swimming pool outside my very own bedroom window.

 Edie's new cute thing she learnt to do today was to put things over her head ... don't ask me how she thought to start ding it but she did and thinks it's really fun.
 I got some fimo in the post yipy i can't wait to get my hands on it ... maybe tomorrow ???

and i won this print a few weeks ago and the courier  delivered it this morning 

 oh and heres a little something i made ... a bow hair band i can't wait to try it out tomorrow
and something new to read i have read 2 issue of Extra curricular and love it ! 

Lili xxx

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